Problems accessing albums in FrangoCamera or Frango Free?

Did you answer 'No' when you were asked to authorize access to photos during the installation of the app?

If so you will need to give the app permission to open your albums. Here is how to do it in iOS6.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Select Privacy
  3. You will see an entry on the right for Photos, select this option
  4. Turn the switch for FrangoCamera or Frango Free to 'On'

If you are running iOS 5 or earlier the process of allowing the app to access your albums is slightly different and utilises Location Services in Settings.

Here is how to fix the problem in iOS 5 or earlier.Click the device Home button to put the app into the background. Now open the Settings app.  First make sure that Location Services is ON (top of the screen) at the System level. Then scroll down the list of apps and switch the permissions for FrangoCamera or Frango Free to ON.   Finally to ensure these settings take effect, you need to relaunch FrangoCamera or Frango Free. There are two ways to do this:-
  1. Either press and hold the 'on/off' button at the top of your device to shut it down. Then restart it and open FrangoCamera or Frango Free again.
  2. Or press the Home button to show the Home Page.  Double-click the Home button to show the list of active apps across the bottom of the screen.  Press and hold one of the icons so they all 'wiggle' and each has a red minus sign beside it.  Press the minus sign beside FrangoCamera or Frango Free. This will close the app completely. Now press the Home button again twice, this will return you to the Home screen. Now restart FrangoCamera or Frango Free.

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