How do I add new lenses to FrangoCamera or FrangoViewer?

You can only add extra lenses to FrangoCamera, you can not add them into FrangoViewer.

Let's assume the file you have received is called First unzip this file and you will find you have two files, one called Newlens.filt and one called Newlens.mfilt.

Connect your iPad or iPhone to the Mac or PC, and open iTunes.
  1. Click the entry for the device when it appears, and go to the Apps tab.
  2. At the bottom of the page you will find a list of apps that can share documents.
  3. Select FrangoCamera, and drag the two files called Newlens.filt and Newlens.mfilt above into the Document area. 
  4. Select Frango Free and drag just the file Newlens.mfilt.

Now when you open FrangoCamera you will see a new lens at the end of the list, called *Newlens.  

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