Frango lenses

Our goal is provide artists with something that follows Vincent Van Gogh's advice to his brother Theo to "ignore the obvious and exaggerate the essential."

Seussian Lens 

Turn regular landscapesinto seussian worlds. This lens uses a bilinear fractal homeomorphism to change the normal world into a strange and magical place

Twist and Shake Lens 

This is a fascinating lens. The fractal transformation takes the photo and preserves the amounts of all the colors in it and also which color is next to which but twists and turns the picture in an amazing way. Even though the picture is unchanged in one sense, it looks completely new in another.

Stained Glass Lens

Take a picture and transform it into stained glass.  The original picture is all still there in the colored segments - you could recreate the whole original pcture by applying a reverse lens.

Jewel Lens

Take a colorful photo and create a piece of modern art with its colors.

This lens applies a bi-linear fractal transformation to the original.

Melting Lens 

This lens applies a gentle fractal stretching to some parts of your photo and a wild distortion to other parts which surprisingly creates a very harmonious result.

Pinch Lens

This is a wonderful lens that makes photos instantly more interesting.

Flowery Lens 

This lens is wonderful on photos of flowers but also has an amusing effect on pictures of people.

Natural Lens

This lens has a gentle effect which morphs mundane holiday snaps into interesting pictures.  If you apply it to pure nature pictures, say pictures of foliage or seaweed on a beach it changes the picture but most people would have a hard time telling which picture was the original.

If you try it on faces the results are amusing!

Sierpinski Lens

A lens that takes a photo of your best friend and embeds him into the classic fractal Sierpinski triangle.

Menger Frame Lens

The ideal photo frame for all fractal loving people who can not get enough of the ones they love.

Spiral Lens

This lens is especially effective with photos that have an interesting detail in the bottom right hand corner.

Fractal Lens 

This lens as a way of forcing you to see things with fresh eyes. Where did all the yellow come from?  It is in the original picture but our mind's eye is lazy - we just do not notice so much of the beauty of nature.

Dragon Lens 

Take all the colors in your photo and transform them around a twin-dragon fractal.

Fern Lens

FrangoCamera steals the colors from a photo and uses them to color a fractal fern.

Gone are the days of klutzy psychedelic fractals!  Now they can have all the subtle coloring that nature intends.

Fern Zoom Lens

Now zoom into the fern and see even finer detail.

Scramble and Unscramble Lenses

Secret ink for photos!  Take a photo from an album, scramble it and only other Frango people will be able to unscramble it.  Want a private scrambler? Just ask us.

First choose a picture. Apply the Scramble lens and save the scrambled picture to your Camera Roll.

Next choose the scrambled picture and apply the Unscramble lens.

These scrambling lenses are only included in FrangoCamera and are not included in Frango Free.

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