How to scramble a picture

We think that sometimes you may have a private photo you wish to send securely to its intended recipient without the danger that other people could view it.  FrangoCamera gives you an elegant and easy way to do this.
  1. Open your photo in FrangoCamera.
  2. Select the Scramble lens and pick a direction.  Consider each direction to have a code number. 1 for Up, 2 for Right, 3 for Down and 4 for Left
  3. Save the scrambled picture.
  4. Open the scrambled picture.  It will be at the end of your CameraRoll.
  5. Select the Scramble lens and again pick a direction, either the same or different to the first direction.
  6. Save the scrambled picture.
  7. Now email the final scrambled image to your friend and separately send the code.  For example, the code would be "13" if you had first picked Up and then picked Down.
The only way someone can unscramble your image is if they also have a copy of FrangoCamera and they know your code.  In this example they would have to:
  1. Open the scrambled image they received from you.
  2. Select the Unscramble lens in the Up direction (code 1) and save the result.
  3. Open the result of the previous step and select the Unscramble lens with the Down direction (code 3)
  4. Voila: the original image will be revealed.
If you want to make this process more secure just make your code longer.  Also, since scrambling and unscrambling are symmetrical (just as the Unscramble lens reverses the Scramble lens, so also the Scramble lens reverses the Unscramble lens) you actually have more options for your code. For example, -1 for Up Unscramble, -2 for Right Unscramble, -3 for Down Unscramble and -4 for Left Unscramble.
So if you choose a code of length 4 from the 8 possibilities [1,2,3,4,-1,-2,-3,-4] and exclude following N by -N or -N by N then this would give you 8*7*7*7 = 2744 possibilities!  

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