Image morphing in FrangoCamera 3.0

Now in version 3.0 you can watch as your picture morphs between the original picture and its frango version. Click here to see an example video or click here to see a video explanation.

A half-second one-finger press on the frango picture will make it morph into the original picture and then back again. Morphing will continue as long as you keep your finger on the picture.  A one-finger double-tap on the frango picture will set the morphing switch OFF.  Or you can go via the animation menu to directly set the morphing switch.

Once the morphing switch is set ON you will see the morph every time you select a new picture or a new lens.  This means that when you are running a slideshow you will see a morph for every picture as it appears.

Save a movie of the morphing sequence or capture a single image from the middle of the morph by using the Record/review animation... capability under the animation menu.

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