Installing extra lenses

Between releases we sometimes make extra lenses available for FrangoCamera and Frango Free. These are sent out as a zip file which contains files with .filt and .mfilt extensions.  Frango Free just uses the .mfilt lenses and FrangoCamera uses both sets of lenses.

To install these lenses into the app you need to run iTunes and have your iPad connected to the computer. It is good practice to make sure FrangoCamera is not actually running on your iPad when you do this procedure. Go to the app's tab in iTunes and scroll down to the area where you can see the apps that can share files. Select FrangoCamera and then drag or copy all the .mfilt and .filt files into the FrangoCamera file sharing area.

Next time you start FrangoCamera you will find extra lenses available with a * in front of their names.

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